Checklist for Operating a Corporation

September 30, 2017


A. Information for Articles of Incorporation 

Preferred name(s) of corporation (in order of preference) 
Trademark and trade name search for articles? 
Name and street address of the initial agent for service of process (P.O. Box not acceptable) 

Total number of authorized shares of Common Stock 
Blank Check Preferred Stock provision desired? 
Name of incorporator 
B. Bylaws 

The street address of principal office of the corporation 


Date and time of annual meeting of shareholders 


Authorized number of directors: 

(a) Fixed # __________________________

(b) Variable: From___________ to ________________ 

Fixed initially at _______________________

counting Year End: 

optional provisions desired: 
C. Action by Incorporator

The names and addresses of the initial directors 

D. Unanimous Written Consent In Lieu of Meeting of Board of Directors

Names and Titles of Officers and Driver's License numbers (*indicates a required officer; all others are optional)

Name Title Driver's License No. for DE-1 Form 
President and Chief Executive Officer* 
Chief Financial Officer* 
Vice President 
Assistant Secretary 

Initial Issuance of Shares
(a) Aggregate shares to be issued: 

Name Address Number of Shares Consideration 
(and Valuation 
if Non-Cash) 

(b) Specify if issuance of shares is to be under: 

(1) ____ Section 25102(f) [Note Form 25102(f) must be filed within 15 days of sale]

(2) ____ Section 25102(h) of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968 [Note - Form 25102(h) must be filed within 10 days of Issuer's receipt of the consideration]

(3) ____ Other exemption: ________

(4) _____ Qualification with the Department of Corporations

(1) _____ Rule 504, 505, or 506 of SEC Regulation D [Note - Form D must be filed no later than 15 days after first receipt of subscriptions or money]

(2) _____ Section 4(2)

(3) _____ Rule 147

(4) _____ Other exemption: _______________ 

Other State Blue Sky Laws:

(1) ____________________________________________ 

(2) ____________________________________________

Principal Executive Office Address


Authorization of bank account(s) 

(a) Name and branch of bank(s) _________________________________________________

(b) Number of signatures required ________________________________________- 

Authorized signatories:






(c) Dollar limitations, if any, on authority of signatories


Borrowing Resolutions 

(a) Maximum amount of borrowing _________________________________________ 
(b) Lender’s Name _____________________________________________ 

E. S Corporation Election and Form SS-4 Information

Is S Corporation election to be made?
_____ Yes _____ No

Social Security numbers of Shareholders and Spouses: 

Name Spouse Shareholder's 
Social Security No. Spouse's 
Social Security No. 

Corporation election to be effective for taxable year beginning 

Date corporation first had shareholders 

Date corporation will first have assets 

Date corporation will begin doing business 

Taxable year ending

Description of principal business activity

County of business location

Estimated number of employees in first year

First date wages (will be) paid:

Products or services to be sold: 

[__] Wholesale [__] Retail [__] N/A [__] Other: 

F. Fictitious Business Name, Trade name, Trademark search issues? _________________________________________


G. Where will the company be doing business, for purposes of qualifying to do business in those states? 



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